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And now, the missing link between man and monkey, it’s TOTOTTILSJUMB.

: What is Haiku?

As a part of our continuing series, “A World’s Words In Art, Colon, Poetry in Motion, Semi-Colon, A Tribute to the People of Our Planet, Parentheses, And Their Words, End parentheses,” we are pleased to present a Japanese form of poetry loved by third graders everywhere: haiku. The haiku is a simple poem consisting of three lines: five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables again. Despite its constraints, its possibilities are literally endless.

Formation: 5 -> 7 ->5
Song: 5:15 (start at B, coda first time -- ~43seconds. Change at C and D)
Video Board: LSJUMB Presents: The Haiku

: Nature

One motif common to Haiku is the author reflecting upon his or her nuanced relationship with nature in a simple, transcendent manner. For example:

Bright summer morning
Sun glistens off of its scales

In the mulberry
Beside a stem the leaves part

Formation: Leaf
Song: No Rain (start at A, end 2 before C)
Video Board: Nature’s Splendo

: Everyday occurrences
Sometimes, Haiku is used to chronicle the mundane. There is a simple, understated beauty to that which occurs around us every day- if we only take the time to notice.

Here on an airplane
I never expected it

No matter how fly
His beats, hipsters won’t accept

Formation: Airplane (prop raptor chases Band members around field)
Song: Ghostwriter (start at beginning, loop 3 times. change at chorus -- ~30 seconds)
Video Board: Everyday miracles

: Relationships

The art of Haiku not only captures the world around us, but also that within ourselves. True poets can use the form to express feelings and experiences shared between two different souls, crossing paths on their respective journeys through life.

Last night is a blu
But I swear I hooked up with

Says he loves my mom
but my new step-dad is a

Formation: Reptile Eye (Velociraptor eats Band members around field)
Song: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (cut 8 after A to 10 before end -- ~40 seconds)
Video Board: The poetry of love


In lieu of sendoff
We humbly conclude saying,

...You’ve been watching TOTOTTILSJUMB!!!