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August 24, 2012


trans scripts version :

narrator :
hello friends and family. you know watch in
television on australia network. has this watch
tv spot. and check out this where do you like a
australia spot in the pacific break 2012. and you
this know are again and check out is where.

narrator :
check out this SMS pacific break you know
this with number phone from. radio australia
and australia network check out this tv spot
and from sms pacific break you just for message
and calling phone.

narrator :
and no sms pacific break from in the
website in radio australia from pacific

narrator :
and check out this website from in the
radio australia pacific break and or check
out this on mobile phone or computer.

narrator :
and check out this about is know
this your again this about you like
k-pop on australia.

narrator :
this first singer song k-pop oppa gangam
style has boy band has for kids you name.
Orang Ke Nasa you going to pacific break is.

narrator :
you something like a pacific break on
radio and television from in the pacific
break in radio australia. and see you next
time and see you good bye.