Mitt Romney and Barack Obama decide to settle things with an old fashioned rap... more »
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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring James Davis and Matt Knudsen
Mr. T and Batman Voices by Ron Yavnieli
Written by Shawniza Cherry
Directed by Chris Farah and Shawniza Cherry
Animation by Ron Yavnieli (
Produced by Sean Boyle, Chris Farah and Shawniza Cherry
Edited by John Ford
Music and Mix by Bridge Compositions
Audio Recording by Brian Barrale and Joel Levinson
Playback by BoTown Sound
Director of Photography - Aaron Ulrich
DP-Kevin Atkinson
DP-Sean Conaty
1st AC- Marcus Del Negro
Gaffer - Will Hayek
Hair and Make Up- Kat Bardot and Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Production Coordinator - Saba Zerehi
Special thanks to Victoria Taylor, Brigitte Liebowitz, and Mary Ann Williams
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Published: August 28, 2012