Having trouble finding common ground with members of your family? Why not make a game of it?

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Christine Lakin
Dave Theune
Sheila Carrasco
Londale Theus Jr.
Toby Grey
Mattie Victor
Peggy Glenn

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November 23, 2016


[male in voiceover]
What if I told you that
this Thanksgiving
you could get along
with your family and have
a wacky good time?
- Introducing...
- [gasps]

[together] Common Ground!
Christine Lakin: To reach common ground
and win the game
Christine Lakin: all we have to do is
agree on one thing.
- Seems easy enough.
- Yeah.
Christine Lakin: Pick a card.
We should respect our
President no matter what.
[male in voiceover]
There are hundreds of cards.
- So you're bound to
agree on something.
- [laughter]
- The electoral college is a sham.
- Really mom?
[male in voiceover]
All you need to do is
give an inch.
Regardless of your
political views
it's pretty cool that a
woman ran for President.
[male in voiceover]
Remember, to win
all you need to
do is agree on
one single thing.
Londale Theus Jr.: Um, Marie, it wasn't whether
or not you support her
Londale Theus Jr.: just the idea of the
first female President--
- I know what the card said!
- [music stops]

Londale Theus Jr.: Now more than ever
we must come together
despite our differences.

Dave Theune: Oh, you want to
come together.
Dave Theune: Was that why you protested
against the President-elect
- with your friends?
- Better than coming together
- with you bigots.
- Trump's not even going to
- live in the White House.
- He's shaking things up.
Londale Theus Jr.: Can we agree some Trump
supporters are racists?
- And super [bleep] sexist.
- P.C. culture is
Dave Theune: destroying America
and my daughter.
How about we all
just agree to disagree?
- [together] No!
- [grandma] We have been
playing this
Godforsaken game
for hours!
Christine Lakin: Pick a card.
are a fruit?
[suspenseful music]
- [sighs of relief]
- [chuckling]

[male in voiceover]
Common Ground
the game that should
be way easier than it is.
And if you liked
Common Ground check
out our other games:
Inheritance Fight,
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and Large Chess,
with extra large pieces.
Common Ground is for children
and adult children of all ages.
Once you reach common ground,
we can only guarantee
seconds of peace.