All he do is Lin baby Lin!

Full Credits

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Kai Issey as "Jeremy Lin"
Derek Brantley
Rick Dunlop
Marcus Arefyev
and Spike Lee???
Produced by: NWP Sketch Comedy Show
Director: Jerry Cunningham
Writers: Derek Brantley, Ricky Dunlop, Aaron Figueroa
Director Of Photography: Gary Powell
Editor: Gary Powell
Music: Walter Fischbacher, sample "All I Do Is Win", DJ Khaled
Photography: Akinyele Steven
All he Do is Lin Lin Lin no matter what
got hoopin' on mind he can never get enough
And everytime he step up in the building
Everybody hands go up
and they stay there
and they say yeah
and they stay there
Up down, up down
cause all he do is Lin Lin Lin
and if you goin’ in put your hands in the air & let em stay there
J. Lin goin in on the verse
ballin in the NBA & I wont stop now
Got a degree in Econ @ Harvard, but I'm from Northern Cal
Ye i was born right here
Didn’t pick me in the draft
Waived by them Warriors
In New York, they got my back
Didnt get no scholarship, straight up tuition fees
38 on Kobe...36 on the ACT
Slept on my brother’s couch, 1st Chinese-American
Last time on a college team, now I’m on the professional version
Yo its "Linsanity" - I'm "Lincredible"
All over the "Linternet"
I'm really "Lin The Zone"
The Asian Tebow
Religion gets the win
Dantoni said it best, just Lin baby Lin
All he do Is LIN LIN LIN no matter WHOOSH
Got so much dimes, he can hardly get it up, When he step into the Garden, hi five Spike & Justin Tuck!
And they Pray there! And they Pray there! And they Pray there!
Come Now, Art Thou, Bless thou
Cause we're chanting Lin Lin Lin
1st for M.V.P. - then for President!"