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PERIODS. Presents EDITH WHARTON'S ETHAN FROME Cousin Mattie's visit has Ethan Froming at the mouth.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
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Directed by Victor Quinaz
Created by Anna Martemucci and Victor Quinaz
Starring: Philip Quinaz, Alison Fyhrie, Anna Martemucci, Giovanni Autran, Yamin Segal, Lauren Weisstein
Produced by Anna Martemucci, Giovanni P Autran, Dasha Martikainen, Yamin Segal
Director of Photography & Edited by Giovanni P Autran
Costumes by Dasha Martikainen
Art Direction by Leah Vanessa Quinaz
Executive Producers Helena Lukas, Meribeth Ortega, Alan Segal, Kenzo Digital
Camera Josh Bushueff
Production Manager Daniel Paul Wright
Illustration by Thyra Heder
Interns Mike Herman, Benjamin Schuman
©QUINAZ 2010
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