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Billy Eichner: Hey guys. It's Billy.
You know, ever since the election
Billy Eichner: people have been telling me
I live in my little New York bubble,
Billy Eichner: so I've decided to finally hit the road
to see what America is really like,
Billy Eichner: and come here to LA.
Billy Eichner: James Corden has had a
massive success with Carpool Karaoke,
Billy Eichner: so I'm out here today trying to find
my own version of Carpool Karaoke,
Billy Eichner: something that can go viral, and be like
a late-night musical comedy sketch
Billy Eichner: the whole family can enjoy.
Billy Eichner: And my version is called Curbside Conga Line.
Are you ready James?
- So ready.
- Let's do it!
- ♪
- Sir, will you join our conga line, please?
Billy Eichner: He's James Corden. Please?!
- [James] Join our conga line.
- Please, please, please. Join our conga line.
- [James] Will you join our conga line?
- Please, it's late night.
Billy Eichner: Miss, miss, will you join our
Curbside Conga Line, with James Corden?
- [giggling] Oh, no.
- Please! Please!
- Conga line?
- Yes, yes, conga line.
Billy Eichner: Yes, let's go! Let's go! Let's go.
Here we go. We're congaing now.
Billy Eichner: We're congaing--
Sir, please join our conga line.
- Please! Please join the damn conga line!
- I-I'm late.
Billy Eichner: Please, get in here! Get in here!
We need a conga line.
Billy Eichner: Miss, will you join
our conga line please?
- I-I'm late for work, sorry.
- I'm working too.
Billy Eichner: Yes, I'm trying to appeal to the masses.
- Miss, do you like Carpool Karaoke?
- [giggles] Yes, I do.
- James Corden.
- Oh my God!
Billy Eichner: Yes! Yes! What about my new show,
White People Holding Maracas?
- Oh my God.
- Would you watch this?
I don't know...
Well, if he-- if he's on there...
Billy Eichner: What about me?!
Sir, do you like Carpool Karaoke?
- Yeah.
- That's James Corden.
- I know. Hey.
- Yes. Would you watch my new show,
- Sharing a Salad with Tandy Newton?
- Uh, sure.
Billy Eichner: Yes, thank you! Sir, sir...
Billy Eichner: Sir, what about Comedian Sits
in Silence with Chrissy Teigen?
- Sir, sir, please join our conga line, please.
- I know you!
Billy Eichner: Yes, of course. Yes, perfect.
Good, he knows you.
♪ Ole ole, ole ole
Ole ole, ole ole ♪
Billy Eichner: That's right.
I want that lip sync battle money.
James Corden: [James] Sir, will you jump on?
You're crossing the road here.
- Please conga with us.
- Hey, I know you!
Billy Eichner: Yes! Of course!
Yeah, he sits in that goddamn car
Billy Eichner: and sings songs with Chewbacca Mom.
Billy Eichner: Let's go! Here we go!
Here we go! No phones!
♪ Ole ole, ole ole
Ole ole, ole ole ♪
♪ Curbside Conga Line
Billy Eichner: Everybody loves me!
♪ Curbside Conga Line
Billy Eichner: Middle America loves me!
Billy Eichner: It doesn't have to be good.
It just has to autoplay on Facebook.
Billy Eichner: Please!
♪ Ole ole
Billy Eichner: Yes!
Billy Eichner: You'll share this with your
dumb relatives won't you?
Billy Eichner: Yes, keep congaing!
Please, I need ratings!
Billy Eichner: Please conga! Conga faster!
Billy Eichner: He's not good at conga.
Wait, maybe it's too sophisticated.
Billy Eichner: What about Celebrity Tickle Time?
Would you let us tickle you?
- No, no, no.
- Because, I'm going to tickle you.
Billy Eichner: I'm gonna tickle everyone. Sir, what about--
what about Celebrity Tickle Time?
- Will you tickle James Corden?
- Yeah!
Billy Eichner: [Billy] Tickle him!
Billy Eichner: Alright go! Go, go, go!
Billy Eichner: You go goddammit!
Billy Eichner: Tell your grandmother
to watch my video.
Billy Eichner: [muffled] Sir, do you
like Carpool Karaoke?
- Yeah.
- What about Deadpool Karaoke?
- Oh my God.
- That's my show.
♪ Camptown races sing this song
♪ Doodah doodah
[indistinct singing]
[ theme ♪ ]