A down on his luck clown makes a tough decision

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July 07, 2010


A down on his luck clown looks over the bay of a quiet lake. To his surprise along comes a bum with a nice fresh brown bagged bottle of hooch. The clown motions to the bum that he'd like some of his hooch; but the bum, pissed off from him even asking, swiftly flips the bird to the clown. The clown can't believe what just happened but shrugs it off and walks to a nearby rock and sits on it. As the clown trembles he takes out a six shooter and holds it in his hand. He finally lifts it up. Bang! Some birds fly off from the noise of the gun. In the grass a motionless body sits as a pair of suspicious feet walk up. The clown stands over a dead body, the bum who wouldn't give him a drink. He nonchalantly kicks the bums body while he walks away with a hint of a smile.