An original song about the blues we all get from social networking.

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June 28, 2010


Facebook Blues ©2010 Steve Bryant Verse: Woke up this morning, My Facebook Friends were gone. My profile looked so empty, I was lonely and forlorn. No more friend suggestions, Or things that I might like. All my so called friends, Told me to take a hike. Chorus: I might go back to MySpace. I’ve got nothin’ left to lose. ‘Cause I’m down to zero friends. I got the lonesome Facebook blues. I never played on Farmville, Just a waste of time. Never answered questionnaires, Some friends called me a slime. Wouldn’t visit their cafes, Or join a Mafia War. I wouldn’t ring their doorbell, So they showed me the door. (Repeat Chorus) Refrain: Facebook was a fun place, To share my thoughts and views. But all the games and nonsense, Started to confuse. Everyone’s promoting, Or selling their own crap. Sometimes I felt just like a mouse, Caught in an online trap. Verse: Some friends were once the people, I was glad that I’d forgotten. Some of them were nasty, Some just downright rotten. But when they found me, They spoke like a long lost friend. Maybe it’s not so bad, Our friendship had to end. Chorus (Altered); So I won’t go back to MySpace, The online world is just a snooze My so-called friends can go to Hell, I lost the lonesome Facebook blues.