Following the logic of L.A. Noire in real life isn't as easy as they make it seem in the game.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Bob Turton, Charles Ingram, Nick Corirossi, Monica Percich
Writer/Director: Alex Fernie
Producer: Rachel Goldenberg
DP: Tony Lopez- Cepero
Editors: Charles Ingram & Nick Corirossi
Production Designer: Ellie del Campo
Wardrobe: Amber Hamzeh
Gaffer: David Cronin
Key Grip: Justin Lipetz
Sound: Steve Pallow for BoTown Sound
PA: Matt Plonsker
Intern: Will Chilcoat
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[Male #1]: So whatever happened
to that whistleblower McCrery case?
So it turned out that he was
innocent so I planted the reefer
on him, and then shot him dead.
-Ah crap. It's Phelps.
-[sighs] Oh God, I hate that guy.
-Hello gentleman.
-[multiple voices] Phelps.
Bob Turton: It's a hot one out there.
Bob Turton: I'm stuck on this chair.
I uh, saw you in
the paper again, Phelps.
Bob Turton: Oh yeah.
Bob Turton: I solved another
naked lady murder.
Bob Turton: Ah, coffee.
Come on, Phelps.
Bob Turton: Phelps: Hmm, this
doesn't seem to help me.
Well, I think I am going
to get back to work.
Bob Turton: So, what were you
up to this weekend?
Oh, well me and Janis took
the kids down to the beach...
little picnic, you know.
Bob Turton: Bullshit!
Bob Turton: You expect me to believe
that you son of a bitch?!
Whoa, Jesus Christ, calm down!
Bob Turton: Tell me what I want to
know about your family weekend,
Bob Turton: and things will go
a lot better for you.
Stop yelling at me.
Bob Turton: Well, that's all the
questions I have for now.
[stammers] You're just
not a good cop, okay?
Bob Turton: What do you mean?
I solved the White Stocking case.
What do I mean?
Don't you remember what you
did at the crime scene yesterday?
♪ ♪
Bob Turton: Phelps: That's police work.
No, that's not police work.
Bob Turton: You know what? Screw you guys!
Bob Turton: I'm a goddamn good cop.
I don't care what either one of you say.
[thud, door knob clicks]