Following the logic of L.A. Noire in real life isn't as easy as they make it seem in the game.

Full Credits

Starring Bob Turton, Charles Ingram, Nick Corirossi, Monica Percich
Writer/Director: Alex Fernie
Producer: Rachel Goldenberg
DP: Tony Lopez- Cepero
Editors: Charles Ingram & Nick Corirossi
Production Designer: Ellie del Campo
Wardrobe: Amber Hamzeh
Gaffer: David Cronin
Key Grip: Justin Lipetz
Sound: Steve Pallow for BoTown Sound
PA: Matt Plonsker
Intern: Will Chilcoat


[Male #1]: So whatever happened
to that whistleblower McCrery case?
So it turned out that he was
innocent so I planted the reefer
on him, and then shot him dead.
-Ah crap. It's Phelps.
-[sighs] Oh God, I hate that guy.
-Hello gentleman.
-[multiple voices] Phelps.
Bob Turton: It's a hot one out there.
Bob Turton: I'm stuck on this chair.
I uh, saw you in
the paper again, Phelps.
Bob Turton: Oh yeah.
Bob Turton: I solved another
naked lady murder.
Bob Turton: Ah, coffee.
Come on, Phelps.
Bob Turton: Phelps: Hmm, this
doesn't seem to help me.
Well, I think I am going
to get back to work.
Bob Turton: So, what were you
up to this weekend?
Oh, well me and Janis took
the kids down to the beach...
little picnic, you know.
Bob Turton: Bullshit!
Bob Turton: You expect me to believe
that you son of a bitch?!
Whoa, Jesus Christ, calm down!
Bob Turton: Tell me what I want to
know about your family weekend,
Bob Turton: and things will go
a lot better for you.
Stop yelling at me.
Bob Turton: Well, that's all the
questions I have for now.
[stammers] You're just
not a good cop, okay?
Bob Turton: What do you mean?
I solved the White Stocking case.
What do I mean?
Don't you remember what you
did at the crime scene yesterday?
♪ ♪
Bob Turton: Phelps: That's police work.
No, that's not police work.
Bob Turton: You know what? Screw you guys!
Bob Turton: I'm a goddamn good cop.
I don't care what either one of you say.
[thud, door knob clicks]