The Dead Presidents stoke and toke at a local Taco Establishment and reveal their... more »

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Andy Schanz as Toked-out Ben Franklin. Andy Schanz as Abraham "Link" Lincoln.

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Benj: ...for getting stuff baked... hello! The glass harmonica, have you seen that thing? It looks like a giant bong.

Benj: I'm over here at Taco Bell with my friend Andy. We're gonna record something for you now.

Hammy: Well, I like Taco Bell, but Taco Time is good too.

Benj: Here's my favorite spaceman joke. I just flew in from Uranus, boy are my arms tired.

Benj: A penny saved is a penny earned... whoa!

Benj: ...ask me about attaching a key to a kite in a lightning storm, you have to be very high to do something like that. I must tell you.

Link: I wish people would stop mispronouncing my name. It's Lin-Collin, Lin-Collin!

Benj: The urinary catheter? It's portable pee bottle.

Benj: Ironically hemp was one of the most productive crops you could grow in the 17th century.