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A Chicago strip club is celebrating Sarah Palin's visit to Illinois next month by hosting a Palin lookalike contest titled "Less Taxation, More Stimulation". A portion of the event's proceeds will be donated to the Tea Party movement.

I’m not kidding.

It was obscene enough when Ronald Regan rose from Hollywood B star to the office of the presidency, but this twenty first century synergistic blend of porn, entertainment and politics is not something that the founding fathers, no matter what the Ayn Randian Regressive tea baggers will tell you, had in mind. Unless of course, you count among the founding fathers one P.T. Barnum.

What can possibly be next?

Not to be outdone, the log cabin republicans have announced several lookalike strip contests at Chicago hot spots: The Glenn Beck lookalike strip contest “Chalk my board” at the Lucky Horseshoe on May 9, The Mitch McConnell lookalike strip contest “Filla my buster” at the Cattle Call on May 10, and the highly anticipated “Pound me in my Pickup” Scott Brown lookalike strip contest at the Jackhammer on May 11.

The Palin strip contest will be held at the Admiral Theatre Gentlemen's Club in Chicago on May 12th.

Sure it would be easy to rattle off a few misogynistic jokes:
Drill Baby Drill! ; These Lipstick Pit bulls can free my market; or I’ll bring the GOP Whip.

However, to dismiss Palin as a whore who gets by on her looks is damaging to the advancement of women in general and ignores the fact that most politicians and media personalities are, in fact, whores who get by on their good looks. With the notable acceptation of the aforementioned Mitch McConnell, who owes his seat as a Senator from Kentucky to a pact he made with a band of Satanic Goblins- politicians have been getting elected based on how photogenic they are since Kennedy beat a hairy, hunched, and wildly perspiring Nixon in 1960 Presidential debate. And now that Glenn Beck Glenn Beck- whose died orange whips of hair on top of his pudgy head appeal to a an aging baby boomer population made fat, soft and angry by a lifetime ingesting processed foods, has paved the way for pundits who wield more power than politicians, we have truly entered a new era of pornographic mindfuck in America where intelligent debate and meaningful progress no longer seem possible. Ronald Regan started the trend when he parlayed his Hollywood career into politics. And the love child of Glenn Beck and Ronald Regan is the former Ms. Wassilla 1984. Could the Orwellian writing on the wall be any clearer?

It is all enough to make you want to kill your TV & your laptop & your iphone and ipad and return to a time when the freaks still traveled from town to town and remained harmless in the safe confines of P.T. Barnum’s circus.