Christmas will never be the same.... "Blood Zoo" is a riveting, raw and... more »

Full Credits

Producer-Director-Writer John Isabeau
Starring Drevon Cooks as Christopher Mess, Killer Elf.
DP - Robert Norris
Gaffer - Tim Simon
Sound - Beth Baker
Make-up/Hair - Suzy Peters
Post-Production Producer - Noah Chamow

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May 26, 2010

- Christmas will never be the same....
Blood Zoo is a riveting, raw and explicit character-driven film that unfolds on Christmas eve as a young man and his family are burnt alive by a vicious criminal.
News anchor, Yvonne Hailer reports the gruesome details to all her viewers but little does she know that this is the beginning of a journey that will take her to the edge of darkness.
Two years later:
Christopher Mess miraculously returns to seek revenge and after a deranged Scientist promises to fix his scarred face in exchange for human organs, Chris Mess derails on a rampage of murder. His infatuation with Yvonne Hailer grows and the killing spree explodes.
LAPD Detective Mike Hackford is assigned to investigate the series of bizarre murders and soon discovers that his ex-fiancée,Yvonne Hailer, isnt telling the truth at all.
The audience is thrown into a non-stop tangle of emotions as this thriller twists and turns through murder after murder. With the city of Los Angeles frozen in fear and terror, blood pours into the streets...
Christmas will never be the same....
Every TWO minutes someone will DIE....
Producer-Director-Writer John Isabeau