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You will see the greatest television tease in the history of the world...Plus the... more »
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Published September 23, 2010

This is the best time of the year!  Football season is underway, the

baseball playoffs are right around the corner, and the new fall

television is kicking off.  Let’s check out the previews for one of the

best shows out there, the Amazing Race on CBS.? The Amazing Race: Watermelon Launch [Link]

American Idol has announced its new set of judges that include

Aerosmith leader Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.  I wonder what the

people from J-Lo’s block think about this decision...? Shepard Smith Blooper - J-Lo Blowjob [Link]

Vinny from the hit MTV show Jersey Shore has apparently been offered

$30,000 by Playgirl to make a mold of his Italian...sausage.  No word on

if it will Snookie will be added in everybox... [Link]

I want to try something new, I don’t know if this will take off or not.

But the title of this show is called “It Could Be Worse...”  We goof

on celebrities and make fun of others to make ourselves feel better and

to show no matter how bad life can get...It Could Be Worse...

I’m asking you to film yourself (if you are watching this on YouTube,

just make a video response) and email it to and

tell us a great story to prove how things Could Be Worse...

Here is our final proof... Tough Guy FAIL from FailBlog

This Episode of It Could Be Worse is brought to you by

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- get 10% off your order of $50 or more.  Zazzle has great fresh gear

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