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Vera Balyura, Megan Nugent, Amy Logue, Crypt Keeper doll, silence of the lambs doll, pee-wee Herman doll & walking pony doll which we don't own rights to but appreciate the craftsmanship of those who do!, New York!

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May 01, 2010


Hello & welcome to VeraMeat TV
Thank you Megan
Tonight we're going to an event & we're waiting for Larry,
Who's going to help us pick out some jewelry
Ooo Larry from the escort agency?
Umn yes he's going to help us pick out some pieces for the event tonight
But where is he he's afully late, ahh Larry!
Let's go meet him! YES

Ahh Larry I think they'rs something on your face! Oh wait never mind
Ahh ahahah.

Hi Larry so do you think you can help us pick out some jewelry
We're thinking of something elegant
I really like the wishbone, looks like he keeps going, hmn.

Sniffing them or something, really diver with knife & gun.
Hmn I hadn't considered that, oh Larry you're getting so excited
Oh oh Larry you're not suppose to lick them Larry
Their jewelry, you're kind of turning me on right now.
You're something different I like it! Oh Larry.

Ooo Larry Yah I'm gonna call you slick Rick from now on.

Ooo it's my date, you are so sweet, thank you for coming.
Pee-Wee we match, is that a feather in your crotch or are you just happy to see me. Love.
Alright guys thanks for joining us. I guess we're going to head off
We got our dates here & we'll see you there. Next time, bye.

Wait I can't see. Ahh shiite. (horse sounds)