Lady President need to sign an important bill, but she can't get her new crush off her mind!

Full Credits

Becky Feldman - Lady President
Lesley Tsina - Chief of Staff
Producers - Courtney Davis & Picturebox Productions
Executive Producer - Darren Miller
Writers - Courtney Davis & Becky Feldman
Director - Courtney Davis
DP - David Layton
Camera/Lighting Assist - Madeline Packard
Art Director - Ellie del Campo
Art Assist - Michelle Dokos
Hair/Makeup - Molly Gardner
Sound - Nicholas Rumancik
PA - Kyle Cavazos
PA - Karolyn McKenzie
Editors - David Layton, Madeline Packard, Kevin Smith
GFX - Mike Nicholson, Madeline Packard

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October 02, 2016


Becky Feldman: Mmm.
Lesley Tsina: Lady President,
have you signed the bill yet?
Becky Feldman: Oh, uh...
[ theme music ]
Lesley Tsina: Lady President, you've drawn
hearts all over the bill.
- Can I get another one?
- Just sign it.
[ pen scratching ]
Lesley Tsina: That's another heart.
Lesley Tsina: Only now it says,
"Lady President plus Mark Ruffalo
equals heart forever."
Becky Feldman: It's technically a signature.
Lesley Tsina: Just sign on the line.
[ pen scratching ]
Lesley Tsina: Now it says
Mrs. Mark Ruffalo.
- One day.
- Please, sign the bill.
[ pen scratching ]
Lesley Tsina: Because maybe Mark Ruffalo
is going to be the one
that saves me and after all
- he's my Wonderwall?
- He is.
- Lady President please!
- Okay.
[ pen scratching ]
Lesley Tsina: Thank you.
Lesley Tsina: Lady President,
you've done it.
Lesley Tsina: Thanks to your bill,
the country will run on
% clean energy,
Lesley Tsina: and every unemployed
American will have a job.
Becky Feldman: Thank you.
Becky Feldman: Hi, is Mark Ruffalo there?
Becky Feldman: Hi Mark.
It's Lady President.
Becky Feldman: I have something
I want to tell you.
Becky Feldman: I like you.
[ she giggles ]
Becky Feldman: Mmmm.