The music video for the hottest song in America right now! NICE DICK!

Full Credits

DJ Docta Dawe:
DJ Spillz:
Docta Chris:


Docta Dawe:

When I go to the pool I see all kinds of shit 

but nothing quite intrigues me like the nice dick. 

Everywhere I go from the club to the beach 

I can't take my mind off of all the meat. 

Let me say it doesn't mean were gay, 

like Special K, or going to the ballet.  

Forget about your boyfriend and 

meet me at the hotel room,

as long as its not the ladies room or 

Docta Dawe will put you in the emergency room. 

When I go to the store I have to say nice dick, 

when I hit up the club you know i'm screaming nice dick, 

I'm buying shit at the mall yelling out nice dick, 

when I'm at the library I say "shhh" nice dick. 

You can find me driving in my marquee 

in the eoc while im takin a pee, 

and I guarantee you will see how quick 

that I will stare at a very nice dick.

DJ Spillz:

They call me Spillz you better right your wills, 

while i'm poppin' pills and eating dills. 

I'm driving down the block thinking about cock 

and eating chock while packing my glock. 

Set my alarm clock for 6 o clock 

so I can by stocks while smoking rocks.

I am the meanest uncleanest genus from venus 

looking for the leanest penis.

I'll throw a brick at your click 

while taking a shit on your chick. 

You thought you were slick with your magic stick 

but its not as thick as my nice dick. 

Docta Chris:

Walk into the club, see a hot bitch 

look to my left then I see a nice dick. 

Introduce myself but not to the bitch,

I look to the left and say hey nice dick. 

I'm walking downtown getting high,

Where should I go to meet a hot guy,

just saw a hot dude walk on by,

but instead I fucked a blueberry pie.

Call me Docta Chris I gotta take a piss 

standing next to this guy he's taking a shit. 

I take a sniff after taking a wiff 

then I tell the guy hey, nice dick.