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Unleash your inner Ke$ha in 2 sips or less with SingThiss beer from Pursued By Bear!
Published April 20, 2011 2.7k views More Info »
Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Creators/Producers of Pursued By Bear Comedy:
Lisa J Dooley
Craig Lee Thomas
Kelly Landry
Filmed By:
Trey Livingston
Allen Rueckert
Alexandre Chen
Craig Lee Thomas
Jessie Evans
Lisa J Dooley
Tami Ross
Emily Chang
Kelly Landry
Craig Bachmann
Mo Mandel
Featured Extras:
Alexandra Siegel
Stephanie Dimont
Kate Kuen
Johnny Yoder
Dante Fernandez
Mark Elefane
Stephanie Warthling
Arianna Ratner
Trey Randol
Alex Wallace
Robert Evans
Heidi Germaine Schnappauf
SingThiss Logo Design By:
Dante Fernandez
On Set Photography:
Ben Koppel
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