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Finesse Mitchell
Alex Scordelis
Sean Dacanay
Bryan Madole
Writer/Director - Bryan Madole
Producer - Sean Dacanay
Editor - Kegan Swyers
Director of Photography - Matt Sweeney
Gaffer - Brad Carr
Hair and Makeup - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Wardrobe Stylist - Jordy Scheinberg
Graphics - Shawn James


Hi, I'm Dr. Ben Carson,
neurosurgeon, and self taught
martial arts expert.
Don't miss this chance to
own my online of self
defense, home training videos.
Move over, Ninjitsu...
it's time for Ben Jitsu.
With Ben Jitsu, you don't
just have to stand there
and die like most victims.
I give you the tools to
fight the bad guys.
Tools like, how
to disarm a mass shooter.
Step 1:
Turn around and grab the gun.
Bang, you're dead.
No, I'm not.
Let's go again.
Bang, you're dead.
No, I dodged it.
And you're going to soon.
On three, this time.
One, tw...
Bang, you're dead.
I'm not dead, and it's
harder than it looks.
Subscribe now, and you'll
also get my bonus lessons,
in which I, Ben Carson, will
explain how I,
Ben Carson, would have single-
handedly prevented other
American tragedies.
Like 9-11.
Step 1:
Order a cup of coffee, and
then throw it in the
terrorists face.
Where are you going to get a
cup of coffee from?
Watch how great this works out?
The Lincoln assassination.
Boom, got ya Abe.
Eat shit, John Wilkes Booth.
- Gimme, gimme,
- No!
And Pearl Harbor.
C'mon guys. Throw rocks at the planes,
and dodge those explosions,
and stop dying.
Bang, you're dead.
I'm not dead. I'm in a force field.
Bang, you're dead.
You shot me in the head. Wait...
I just healed myself.
I'm a neurosurgeon.
- Dead!
- Wait.
You're terrible at this.
Head shot.
Head shot.
You're dead, because I put
a sponge in your brain,
and left it there.
(music is playing)
My Ben Jitsu is so fast you
can't even film me.
Male Voice: We're actually rolling.
No you're not.