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On the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, the Habsburg family, of the... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Return of the Habsburgs - Credits
Johnny Magnum John J. Lund;
Melisha Nansi Nsue;
King Habsburg Hanno Weiss;
Dornbirn Lions As themselves:
Timur Bas, Dominik Jussel, David Kern, Diedo Ladstätter, Omar Samassa, Ashton Smith, Fabio Söhnel;
Colonel Alistair Macnaughtan;
King’s Assistant Romana Konzett;
Handsome Habsburg Prince Stephan Winder;
US Army Soldier Daniel Egger;
Black Dragon Daniel Stampfl;
Dirndl Warrior Princess Hannah Kabelka;
Yodeling Guard Matthias Metzner;
Intelligent Guard Martin Schorn;
Kebab Man Jordi Asensio;
Dancing Dirndl Girl Belinda Weiss;
Lions Mascot Thomas Fehr;
Ms Nsue’s body double Stefanie Weisseisen;
Screenplay John J. Lund;
Director John J. Lund;
Producer John J. Lund;
Director of Photography Hansjoerg Kapeller;
Editor Hansjoerg Kapeller;
Music Hansjoerg Kapeller;
Script Queen Nina Hofer;
Camera Hero Konstantin Ammann;
Postproduction Wizards Hansjoerg Kapeller;
Konstantin Ammann;
Awesome Helper Thomas Fehr;
Filmed in Vorarlberg, Austria...without a tax credit...and without a proper budget;
Shot with love on Canon EOS 7D and 5D;
Chopped and screwed in Final Cut Pro;
Special Thanks -
Love Kebab 2 (Lustenau, Austria) and Gökhan Celebi;
Schattenburg Castle (Feldkirch, Austria);
Wolfgang Hinterholzer and the Feldkirch Mafia;
Christian Türtscher – Schuhplatter dance choreography;
Markus Mittelberger and the Dornbirn Lions;
Harald Folladori and Black Dragon KSU (Bregenz, Austria);
Roman Lässer – Fight choreography;
The good people of Vorarlberg, Austria – Someday Hochdeutsch speakers will understand the local dialect;
Friends and family;
The Habsburgs;
The President of the United States of America;
Freedom lovers everywhere.

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