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February 12, 2008


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College Student: What's up?
Will Ferrell: What do you mean what's up? I'm in a jazzy.
Andrea Savage: That was your question. What's up?
College Student: Okay! Okay. When you got shot in the jugular...
Andrea Savage: She's hysterical.
Will Ferrell: Let me get, let me get up. Let me get off my jazzy and focus on this.
Andrea Savage: Are you crying?
College Student: It's a miracle!
College Student: Okay. When you got shot in the jugular did you giggle a little bit when you were like, is that bad? Is that bad? I giggled! I giggle every time I see it!
Andrea Savage: I think she just came.
Will Ferrell: Really?
Andrea Savage: Is that weird? Sorry.
Will Ferrell: It's weird. She had a slight orgasm and I had a touch of diarrhea in my underwear.
Andrea Savage: Sometimes it happens that way.
Will Ferrell: Sometimes it happens.
Andrea Savage: Do you wanna like...?
Will Ferrell: When you're in, when you're in love.
Andrea Savage: Are you guys in love?
Will Ferrell: I think we are.
Andrea Savage: Really? There's a connection?
Will Ferrell: Do you mind? When we get married I will be on my jazzy. Is that okay?
College Student: I'm sent on behalf of Sigma Alpha Mu, we'd like, we wondered if you'd like to party at our house, and I'm also looking for a date for formal.
Andrea Savage: Let's get into this.
Will Ferrell: When's the, when's the formal?
College Student: Uh, March first. I'm not asking you, I'm asking...
Andrea Savage: OHH! Whoa! Boo! Sit down! You're a horrible person!
Will Ferrell: I am disappointed in you, gringa!
Will Ferrell: We could have had a lovely evening at the formal and you just threw it on the ground! Motherf...
Andrea Savage: God! They're cute here, Will. First and last.
Will Ferrell: Do you, do you have a boner?
College Student: Michael Chileming.
Andrea Savage: I do have a boner.
College Student: All right, of the three, who was a better kisser? Nicole Kidman in Bewitched, Vero-, uh, Christina Applegate in Anchorman, or Maggie Gyllenhaal in Stranger Than Fiction?
Andrea Savage: That is, I appreciate it. That's a great question.
Will Ferrell: That is a great question. Thank you.
Andrea Savage: It's a great question.
Will Ferrell: Great question!
Andrea Savage: Stand up! Great question! Yeah.
Will Ferrell: And I'm asked that all the time.
Andrea Savage: Oh.
Will Ferrell: Uh, but it is a great question. Unfortunately, uh, none of the above. Uh...
Andrea Savage: Aww...
Will Ferrell: The best kisser was Chris Kattan, yes! Thank you.