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Ed tyll says vanilla spilla is so cutting edge, and what he means by that is vanilla spilla slits your throat with an unbelievable intelligent and precise song ! Eds tyll Call Vanilla Spilla " the GREAT one!!" WIn kid Vanilla SPilla brings a different Style of Hiphop THat is JUST BRILLIANT!! Vanilla Spilla and Ed tyl by coincidence are both freedomtruthfighters. Check out twin-c vanilla spilla website www.freedomtruthfighters.com You will come to find out through this track and Vanilla spilla's website, that in fact Russia is responsible for 9/11.. They fired a SOviet missle at the Pentagon, shot two missiles from the Atlatic Ocean that hit the towers, Russia then used secret weapon Woodpecker, to shoot a trillion watt microwave off the ionosphere amed at the towers, and brought them down like burning rubber...THE VIDEOS WE SAW OF PLANES HITTING THE TOWERS, WERE ACTUALLY 3D ANIMATION, FRENCH TOURISTS HANDED IN THE FAKE FOOTAGE TO OUR MEDIA...lISTEN TO ED TYLL M-F 9AM-3PM//// spILLING TRUTH 24/7 LIKE tWIN-C VANILLA SPILLA. CHECK OUT TWIN-C VANILLA SPILLA 'S FULL TRACK AT http://www.beat100.com/watch-video/andquot911-bengazi-tribute-never-forget-andquot-twin-c-vanilla-spilla-fox-news-september-2013-mtv-abc_88544/ WHERE HE HAS WON NUMEROUS AWARDS!
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Published: November 15, 2013