Watch out! Don Cheadle is back as Captain Planet and he's still turning everyone into trees.

Full Credits

Starring Don Cheadle
Featuring Efren Ramirez, Don Fehmel, Mark Carducci, Kellen Moriarty, David Graf, Tye Martin, Lauren Olipra, Clay Tatum, Alan Mcleod, Ryan Smith & Budd Diaz
Written & Directed by Charles Ingram & Nick Corirossi
DP: Tom Banks
1st AC: Tom Jordan
2nd AC: Nils Refvik
DIT: Blair Neighbors
Producer: Ryan Kohler
Production Manager: Bryson Pintard
1st AD: Shadie Elnashai
2nd AD: Roslyn Aronowitz
VTR: Bob Mills
Gaffer: Eric Ulbrich
Electric: Brandon Alperin & Derek Hoffman
Swing: Dimitri Andrade
Grips: Steve Dorman, Dan Conner & Andy Wilson
Production Design: Flower Cole
Art Director: Libby Wampler
Art Dept: Frank Camara, Marcy Silver, Lupe Sanchez & Reanna Fitzpatrick
Stylist: Aubrey Binzer
Stylist Asst: Jen Grable
Make Up SFX: Chris Mills
Make Up/Hair: Brenna Haukedahl & Maria Coria
Sound Mixer: Ayan Pratap
PAs: Mike Rutkowski, Matt Faigh & Wayne Wolfgram
Colorist - Trevor Durtschi


[Music Playing]
Don Cheadle: Earth. Seven billion people strong. Let's get it's pollution down to zero. And maybe the population, too.
Newscaster: A little overboard. This is how they describe Captain Planet today.
Citizen: Captain Planet turned my daughter into a tree.
[Foreign Languages on TV]
Newscaster: Some sources say that the once beloved hero has been corrupted by his own powers. He used to be known for saving the planet.
Don Cheadle: [Laughing]
Newscaster: Now the planet fears him.
[Music Playing] [Random Talking]
Don Cheadle: I'm making trees! Mahtie!
Efren Ramirez: It's Mahtee.
Don Cheadle: Thank you, Mai Tai. I knew I kept you around for a reason. To be my personal bi**h! [Laughs]
Don Cheadle: Mai Tai? Is this synthetic polyester?
Efren Ramirez: Yai.
Don Cheadle: [Mockingly] Yai! [Gibberish] You've lost your power ring privileges. Hand it over.
Don Cheadle: NOW!
Efren Ramirez: [Whining]
Don Cheadle: Go get in the corner with the rest of them.
Efren Ramirez: [Crying and Sniffling]
Don Cheadle: And stop your sniveling you dumb sap!
Background: Fire! Wind! Water!
Don Cheadle: Five souls. A soul for each finger. [Laughs]
[Office Sounds]
David Graf: I heard you went insane.
Don Cheadle: I heard your broccoli's.
[Laser Sound]
Clay Tatum: Hey! I thought you could only turn people into trees.
Don Cheadle: I'm starting to branch. Out. [Laser Sound]
[Music Playing]
[Glass Shattering]
Don Cheadle: Trees are still my jam. The power is mine. My burden to bear. My blessing. My curse. And one day there will be no humans. And all creatures will be my friends.
[Laser Sound] [Boat Horn]
Don Cheadle: Except woodpeckers. I don't really like, don't like woodpeckers that much.
Don Cheadle: Until then, [Whispers] It ain't easy being green. [Laser Sound]
Don Cheadle: [Robotically] Cap-tain Plan-et.
[Music Playing]