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An injured cop secretly fights crime with prototype deadly roller blades… Watch... more »

Full Credits

Starring: Ray Wise, Robert Davi and David Neher
Also starring: Linda Tan, Natalie Hoy and Adrian Ramos
Written by: David Neher, Matt Villines, Oz Rodriguez
Directed by: Matt Villines and Oz Rodriguez
Produced by:
Betsy Koch
and Matt Mazany
Production Coordinator: Alistair Walford
Director of Photography: Blake McClure
1st AD: Matt Mazany
Edited by: Matt Villines and Oz Rodriguez
Art Dept: Martin Vallejo and Ellie Del Campo
Hair/ MU: Kat Bardot
Hair/MU Assts: Kate Mullin and Kathleen Pardo
Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer and Bradley Bowns
Music: Mark Maxwell
VFX: Brad Clapper
Sound: BoTown Sound
Gaffer: Dave Cronin
Grip: Ian Duncan, Ryan Girkins and Paul Monroe
PA's: Andrew Grissom, Joe Bergren, Ross Buran Stephen Pell

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