Humorous musical comedy video for Adira Amram and the Experience's song "Virgins"

Full Credits

Kentucky Brownhorse - Kurt Braunohler
Kitty Brownhorse - Arden Myrin
Hale Doppler - Rob Lathan
Young Adira - Molly Knochel
Young Boyfriend - Riley Soloner
Adira's Ex-Boyfriend - Ted Travelstead
TV Producer - Jordan Clifford
The Experience:
Dancer - Jessi Erian
Dancer - Maresa D'Amore-Morrison
Keyboards & Vocals - Arthur Lewis
Bass - Matt Stouli
Drums - Vinny Commisso
Experience Love Fellowship Choir Master - Todd Barnes
Experience Love Fellowship Choir:
Adam Amram
Ann Carr
Dan Khenchelian
Glennis McCarthy
Stacia Newcomb
Becky Yamamoto
Directed by Timothy Whitney
Story by Timothy Whitney & Adira Amram
Videographer - Alex Fischer
Camera Operator - James Beard
Hair & Make up - Lindsey Zelli
Sound Recordist - Bob Walles
Production Assistant - Tim Skinner
Song written by Adira Amram
Recorded, mixed & produced by Kevin Blanchette (aka The Mad Psyentist)
Special Thanks:
Craig Ball
Nicole Huber
Ellie Lotan
Bram Muller
Olivia Wingate
Jessican Van Ginneken
Shot on location at Path1 Studios and EHS Residence Hall