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Justin Bieber sings one of his hit songs on top of a table with an unfortunate ending.
Published March 31, 2010 21m views More Info »
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Additional Credits:
Starring Justin Bieber
Written by Justin Bieber
Directed by Justin Bieber
Edited by Justin Bieber
Created by Justin Bieber
Produced by Justin Bieber
Hair by Bieber
Best Boy: Justin Bieber
Key Grip: J Biebs
Foley Artist: J.D. Bieber
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[Music Justin Bieber, "Baby"]
Justin Bieber: (singing) Oh, for you,
I would have done Whatever
Justin Bieber: And I just can't believe
that we ain't together
Justin Bieber: And I gotta play it
Justin Bieber: But I'm losing you
I'll buy you anything
Justin Bieber: I'll buy you any ring
Justin Bieber: (groans)