Justin Bieber sings one of his hit songs on top of a table with an unfortunate ending.

Full Credits

Starring Justin Bieber
Written by Justin Bieber
Directed by Justin Bieber
Edited by Justin Bieber
Created by Justin Bieber
Produced by Justin Bieber
Hair by Bieber
Best Boy: Justin Bieber
Key Grip: J Biebs
Foley Artist: J.D. Bieber


[Music Justin Bieber, "Baby"]
Justin Bieber: (singing) Oh, for you,
I would have done Whatever
Justin Bieber: And I just can't believe
that we ain't together
Justin Bieber: And I gotta play it
Justin Bieber: But I'm losing you
I'll buy you anything
Justin Bieber: I'll buy you any ring
Justin Bieber: (groans)