When your life seems like it can't get any better, see if Fireball For Daily Use is right for you.

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Directed by: Conor Champley & Khal Chirwa // Written by: Conor Champley // Produced by: Mike Herman // Director of Photography: Olu Gbenga Obafemi // CAST: Bryce Craver, Erin Richardson, Jaqi Furback, Sam Weiss, Jonathan Doyle, Amadeo Fusca

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July 21, 2016


You're in your 30s,
and it's everything
you thought it would be.
A loving relationship.
A career.
The stepping stones to
the next chapter of your life.
But just when you thought
it couldn't get any better,
you turn to Tuesday night
evening happy hour into an all
night bender.
Fireball for daily use
helps you to turn into
the belligerent person
you've always wanted to be,
allowing you to wake up cold
and confused with no memory
or recollection of the mistakes
you probably made the night before.
Ask your doctor if your social
anxiety is high enough for Fireball.
Do not drink Fireball if you
have standards of any level,
as it may cause you
to pass out, and miss that
important meeting you
were supposed to go to.
Side of effects of Fireball
may include headache,
upset stomach, regret,
Googling heart attack symptoms,
smelling like 2 days ago,
crying excessively,
and texting your ex
to 50 times in a row.
If you find yourself
aimlessly wondering around
after drinking Fireball,
avoid areas where people
are just getting
started with their day.
If it's too late and
that already happened,
cross your fingers and
hope you get out of there
without doing anything
that would scar their lives forever.
Oh boy.
If you're trying
to keep the party going
alternate uses of
Fireball may apply,
but will also result in doing
things you have never done
before fore cocaine.
To avoid short term
or having to explain
yourself to law enforcement
take no responsibility on
your actions and simply say,
"Sorry... Not sorry.
I was just trying to party like I used to."
Ask your doctor
about Fireball for daily use,
and a 30-shot trial that
will more than likely wipe out
your entire
checking account.