Heidi Montag speaks out about the horrors of having to pay for plastic surgery with a credit card.

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Directed by Jake Szymanski & Ron Howard
Starring: Heidi Montag
Featuring: Spencer Pratt and Andrew Zack
Written by: Seth Morris
Produced by: Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
Production Design: Alexi Gomez, Rachael Ferrara & Katie Byron
Edited by: Justin Donaldson
Production Coordinator: Sean Boyle
Gaffer: Kevin Stewart
Best Boy: Ricky Fosheim
Electrician: David Cronin
Sound Mixer: BoTown Sound
Special Thanks to Rick Rhodes, Elizabeth Warren, Hans Zimmer, James Brooks, Bonnie Abaunza, Andrew Zack, Tiffany Bordenave


Male Voice: (whispers) Exclusive.
[Music Playing]
Heidi Montag: Hi, I'm Heidi Montag.
Heidi Montag: If you're a reality TV star,
chances are good that
Heidi Montag: you'll one day have
plastic surgery.
It's also a for sure thing that
you'll have to pay for that
surgery with credit cards,
because you spent all of your "I'm A Celebrity."
"Get Me Out of Here." money
on expensive purses, tiny dogs, and healing
bracelets for your husband.
Heidi Montag: With hidden fees and standard
interest rate increases,
Heidi Montag: that eleven thousand dollar jawline
can end up costing you an upwards
Heidi Montag: of fifty thousand
Spencer Pratt: Heidi! I've got Elsie calling to beg
your forgiveness again.
Heidi Montag: I'm not here.
Heidi Montag: Being in debt for elective
surgery is bad enough,
Heidi Montag: but when I think about the thousands
of Americans who's only
Heidi Montag: method of paying for food is
their credit cards?
Heidi Montag: It's enough to make me cry
without moving my new face.
Heidi Montag: That's why I support the creation
of a consumer agency
Heidi Montag: to help protect average citizens
and reality stars alike.
Heidi Montag: A consumer agency will stop
banks and credit card
Heidi Montag: companies from being
such sleazy jerks.
Heidi Montag: Call your senator and
tell them to hold big
Heidi Montag: Wall Street banks accountable,
and to fight for
Heidi Montag: strong consumer
Heidi Montag: Thank you.
Heidi Montag: Uh, am I smiling?
You guys? Am I smiling?
Man Off Camera: Uh, sort of.
Heidi Montag: If you really want
to get specific
Heidi Montag: call Senators Chris Dodd and Richard Shelby.
Heidi Montag: They head the Senate Banking Committee,
and your calls make a difference.
Heidi Montag: You'll listen to this part,
because I'm in the tub.