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A censored interview with Daniel Radcliffe.
Published November 22, 2010 10m views Immortal More Info »
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Written, Directed & Produced by Judd Apatow
Starring Daniel Radcliffe
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Judd Apatow: You shot these movies over
the course of more than ten years.
Judd Apatow: Was that difficult doing the
same character for that long?
Daniel Radcliffe: No. You know, it was probably
around the time of the fourth
Daniel Radcliffe: film that I started to
realize that I was Harry.
Daniel Radcliffe: You know? I mean, which is
something that has
Daniel Radcliffe: been quite widely
Judd Apatow: I'm sorry, I don't
Judd Apatow: You are Harry or you
played Harry?
Daniel Radcliffe: No, I am...I am Harry. I thought I
was an actor playing a
Daniel Radcliffe: wizard, but really I was a
wizard playing an actor.
Daniel Radcliffe: I go from my Harry life, when
I am me, and then I walk out of
Daniel Radcliffe: the room and then I am Dan,
the actor. Dan is a fantastic
Daniel Radcliffe: character, who I've really
enjoyed playing him. This
Daniel Radcliffe: kind of split reality which I
live on, which we all live
Daniel Radcliffe: on, you know, it was a
revelation when I discovered
Daniel Radcliffe: that's how the world works.
Judd Apatow: So when you're not Dan, you
actually are fighting evil spirits?
Daniel Radcliffe: Well, no, I've fought them
and, now, they're dead.
Daniel Radcliffe: They're dead.
I've don't that.
Judd Apatow: So what does Harry do now
that he's defeated everybody?
Daniel Radcliffe: Kind of chills out a lot.
Yeah. And, you know, I talk to women.
Daniel Radcliffe: Tell them that I'm Harry and
see where that gets me.
Daniel Radcliffe: The thing that I am proudest of
is Quidditch. I've spoken to
Daniel Radcliffe: at least two or three
professional Quidditch
Daniel Radcliffe: players who think kind of any
team would be lucky to have
Daniel Radcliffe: me at this point.
Judd Apatow: I thought Quidditch was a
fabrication from the book,
Judd Apatow: that it wasn't a real game.
Daniel Radcliffe: I beg your pardon? You know,
this is actually kind of what I
Daniel Radcliffe: hate about America. I love
being here, but what I
Daniel Radcliffe: absolutely hate is your
complete lack of appreciation
Daniel Radcliffe: for British Sports. Cricket.
It's too complicated. It's
Daniel Radcliffe: too slow. It's too boring.
It's not! Would you like to
Daniel Radcliffe: see a scar that I have from
playing Quidditch?
Daniel Radcliffe: You seemed so skeptical
Judd Apatow: I really don't.
Daniel Radcliffe: Yep, I'm going to
show you.
Judd Apatow: Judd: I really don't want
to see it.
Daniel Radcliffe: Daniel: Well, you're seeing it now.
You see? There, that thing.
Judd Apatow: Judd: Okay, put your
pants on.
Daniel Radcliffe: Daniel: That's broom burn, man.
Judd Apatow: Judd: I don't need to see the broom
burn. Just put your pants on.
Daniel Radcliffe: Daniel: Do you know how much Tiger
Balm I've got through every
Daniel Radcliffe: Daniel: day on this stuff?
This is unbelievable.