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September 09, 2010


Okie Dokie, well, it’s been a while – glad to be back on the BOOK NOOK, it’s been so hot in the forest all summer; too many floods, earthquakes and fires, but I did read a good book about comedy, here it is: SATARISTAS they have that upside down explanation point, like they are trying to be SPANISH.
This is one darn good book written by Paul Provenza and Dan Dion. NOTE this book is about Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs and Vulgarians. Don’t know why they would include people from Vulagaria, but they did.
I learned a lot in this book, like, Penn Gillette actually uses a SCHICK razor and his gentile wife uses a LADY SCHICKSA. WHO KNEW?
I learned that all the black African-American comedians are really pissed at Michael Richards for using the N-word. They don’t mention what that word is, but they also didn’t say that anyone called CRAMER the W-word, whisper “white, white, white!”
And they use the F-word in this book, and the S-word, and the C-word, although the British people call men that, strange, and the book is full of euphemisms, whatever they are.
There are bunch of photos in the book that Dan Dion snapped with his little camera, and this is when I learned that MO ROCCA and JOHN OLIVER are the same person. WHO KNEW?
Overall, this book isn’t that funny, I mean, comedians talking about comedy is as funny as undertakers talking about formaldehyde. Boy that smells.
We did learn that lots of comedians are Jewish, except Conan O’Brien, he is a tall Irish person, but not as funny as many of the Jews. OH, I am so sorry for using the J-word, I mean, I am not Jewish.
But if you are thinking about being a comedian, you should read this book. Lots of these guys and gals are quite intelligent and some are even smart. But most of them seem to be a little paranoid about censorship. They complain about not being able to day BEEP, BEEP, BEEP and especially BEEP. They think they are being crucified and that they have this fear of being pulled off the…… STATIC,