Rebecca Black's greatest hits are now available for you to buy at an unbelievable price.

Full Credits

Starring: Rebecca Black, David Theune
Written by: Alex Fernie
DP: Brian Lane
Grip: Elliot Dickerhoof
Sound: Steve Pallow
Edited by: Dustin Bowser
Produced by: Allison Hord
Graphic Artist: Charles Ingram
Make up by: Julianne Kaye
Special Thanks: Georgina Marquez Kelly, Debra Baum, Tony Novia


[Rebecca Black's "Friday" plays]
David Theune: (laughs) Oh, hi there.
I'm Dave, and this is my
David Theune: good friend, internet
phenom, Rebecca Black.
Rebecca Black: Hi.
David Theune: Years from now,
people will ask you,
David Theune: where were you when you first
heard Rebecca Black's "Friday"
David Theune: Me?
David Theune: Well, sitting at
my computer,
David Theune: looking up funny
cat videos (giggles).
David Theune: How about you Rebecca?
Rebecca Black: The first time I heard it,
Rebecca Black: I was recording it.
[they both laugh]
[uncomfortable sounding laughter]
Rebecca Black: Why not have the ability
to relive those memories
Rebecca Black: anytime you want?
David Theune: What?
David Theune: Rebecca, that
sounds impossible.
Rebecca Black: No, it's super possible,
Rebecca Black: with Rebecca Black's
greatest hits.
Rebecca Black: A five disc set with
all of your favorite
Rebecca Black: Rebecca Black hits, including:
Rebecca Black: Rebecca: Friday.
David Theune: David: What's up.
Rebecca Black: Rebecca: I Saw a Bird Today!
David Theune: David: The Internet is Full of Jerks.
Rebecca Black: Rebecca: Friday (Justice Remix).
David Theune: David: I Chose the Backset.
Rebecca Black: Rebecca:
End the Massarcre (Song for Sudan).
David Theune: David: Boys are cute.
Rebecca Black: Rebecca:
Next Friday featuring Ice Cube.
David Theune: David: Cereal (Extended Version).
Rebecca Black: Rebecca:
Someday I Will Buy and Sell You.
David Theune: David: Thank Tha Police.
Rebecca Black: Rebecca: Candle In the Wind 2011.
David Theune: David: Viernes (Salsa Version)
Rebecca Black: And more.
David Theune: Wow Rebecca. All that?
That must be at least
David Theune: $1400 dollars.
Rebecca Black: Nope. It's a steal
for only $79.99.
David Theune: Wow.
David Theune: But Rebecca, what if someone
doesn't want to buy it?
Rebecca Black: Too bad, because
everyone you know is
Rebecca Black: going to be emailing it to
you, and tweeting about it,
Rebecca Black: and posting to
their Tumblrs.
Rebecca Black: There's no
escaping it.
[they both laugh]
Rebecca Black: And I have ways of
getting my $79.99...
(she giggles)
[ominous music]
David Theune: David: Call now for
Rebecca Black's greatest hits.
David Theune: Only $79.99.
No CODs.
David Theune: Also available at all
major outlets, and on every
David Theune: single website on
the internet.