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Full Credits

"I Will Make You" Credits
Produced by Joshua Danger & Hoptocopter Films
Written by Joshua Danger
Director - Joshua Danger
Assistant Director - Seth Schaeffer
Director of Photography - Seth Schaeffer
Editor - Seth Schaeffer
Assistant Editor - Joshua Danger
Special Effects - Seth Schaeffer
Post Production - Seth Schaeffer
Mixing / Mastering - Layne Stein
Final Audio Engineer - Seth Schaeffer
The Joshua Danger: Himself
Tammie Lotionson: Carrington Schaeffer
Guards: Preston Helton, Danny Odom, & Mike West
Barista: Terri Schafer
Desert Girls: Lindsay Hoover, MacKenzie Koncher, Alicia Ready, & Brandi Wittwer
Desert Guy: Dominic Jones
Girl at End: Shannon Huslig
Other Thanks To
Mike & Jenny West
Layne Stein
Danielle Behrens
Jim & Allison Blevins
Shea & Niqi Bramer
Noelle Carson
Victor Lagaretta
Shannon, Connor, & Ethan Huslig
Kevin & Sarah Decker
Caleb & Rickelle Hicks
Dominic Jones
Casey King
Andrew & Chris Mabrey
Janae Steward
Kirk Quinlivan
Rayne's Room Recording Studios - Winter Park, FL ( for the super dangerous mixing work.
Planet Earth & Caole Lowry - Grand Junction, CO ( for the mock Ross location.
Monument Coffee & Tom Wingerter - Grand Junction, CO for the sweet coffee shop location. Visit them next to Safeway in the Redlands.
Good Will - Grand Junction, CO ( for awesome outfits

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