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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
(Bobo played; Larry Pogreba Resophonic Guitar, glass fingerstyle, & vocalizations (Recorded studio live, in swamp audio vérité.)
& I also made this video montage.
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Published August 02, 2010
Waiting 4 Life 2 Stop
(R Stevie Moore)

standing on the corner of Peyton Place
and everyone is driving down to see
they advertised all week in the paper and now
all the people want to get in free

hey wait
waiting for life to stop

i am such a daredevil, here i go
gonna jump a little distance to the street
commercials kind of hinted it would be a mile
but i chickened out at 700 feet

hey wait
waiting for life to stop
hey wait
waiting for life to stop

i just took a step off the platform high
now i'm flying towards the bunch of little heads
this is so boring, it should be a cinch
to just float upon that destination bed

oh no
i can't breathe
i think i'm scared
going too fast

hey wait
waiting for life to...