Lady President has an important video conference, but she's having problems with her bra!
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Additional Credits:
Becky Feldman - Lady President
Lesley Tsina - Chief of Staff
Kevin Smith - Voice of Benjamin Natanyahu
Producers - Courtney Davis & Picturebox Productions
Executive Producer - Darren Miller
Writers - Courtney Davis & Becky Feldman
Director - Courtney Davis
DP - David Layton
Camera/Lighting Assist - Madeline Packard
Art Director - Ellie del Campo
Art Assist - Michelle Dokos
Hair/Makeup - Molly Gardner
Sound - Nicholas Rumancik
PA - Kyle Cavazos
PA - Karolyn McKenzie
Editors - David Layton, Madeline Packard, Kevin Smith
GFX - Mike Nicholson, Madeline Packard
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Published: October 03, 2016

Lady President, it's time for your video conference with the leaders of Israel and Palestine.
Thank you Chief of Staff.
Your bra is showing.
Oh. Thank you.
Just give me one second.
[ theme music ]
Lady President,
now your entire bra is showing.
Oh. I see.
Okay, one moment.
Lady President, no.
That's worse.
Oooh. I see, I see.
♪ ♪
[ inaudible ]
Lady President, you
must get your bra on now!
I'm trying.
That's not trying.
President Abbas.
Prime Minister Netanyahu.
It has been my honor to facilitate a peace
agreement between your two great nations.
[male 1] Thank you Lady President.
The honor is ours.
There will never
be war again.
Glad I got that bra
problem fixed.