Len Amato, the head of HBO Films, gives notes on Len Amato's performance in Season 4 of 'Project Greenlight.'

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Starring - Ryan Perez and Josh Fadem
Written by Ryan Perez and Josh Fadem
Directed by Ryan Perez
Produced by Sean Boyle and Andrew Grissom

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November 02, 2015


Voiceover: This is Project
Len Amato from HBO is here.
We are under a tremendous
amount of pressure just
to get things done as fast
as we can.
And back to one.
Back to one.
Voiceover: And now that Len
is watching over
our shoulders, you know, it just kind of
adds to that.
Jason is doing a very
good job as a director.
He has a clear vision,
but if he's not able to make
his days, then we're going
to have to discuss what
it would mean to shoot
the rest of the film digitally.
Voiceover: Effie and Jason,
they don't get
necessarily don't get along
so much, but that's
to be expected on a set of an
HBO caliber quality movie.
And cut. Okay, let's move on.
And cut.
Today on the set of Project
Greenlight Len
Amato is coming to set so
there's an added pressure
that we do well, and today
is a good day on the set.
The characters Len wasn't
established enough.
Sometimes it felt like
the character Len was just
thrown in there to
raise the stakes, and make
it appear as though the
filmmakers within the
production were under duress.
Now I feel like Len is
looking over my shoulder
which I don't like.
It's just very frustrating to feel
as if your work is being
diminished by Len Amato
who decided to come, and
criticize something that he
hasn't really been apart of from
the beginning.
I often wonder if the character
of Len was too
compelling, and the filmmakers
of the show put
themselves in a corner by
not being able to generate
enough material for Len
to do. It seems as
though audiences might
be hungry for more Len.
Len's notes are very good
but I have some notes
for his notes.
Then he had notes for my
notes which I didn't appreciate,
because I wanted to give
the notes. He's not in a
position to be giving notes
from the story to
the person who's
watching the story.
So my notes, which are better
notes are being ignored.
And I think the audience,
100% of the time agrees with me.
And this conflict is now
becoming a huge distraction
from the making of The
Leisure Class.
If a disagreement doesn't come
to a resolution
at some point soon, the production
runs the risk of
running off schedule, and
off budget.
This stunt that they're
doing tonight is a very
good stunt, and I like
the stunt, but if you don't
do a safe stunt, then you
did a bad stunt.
He's complaining about, how
he's complaining
about how they're more
concerned with the stunt,
but if he doesn't get the
the stunt, then the
stunt will have to
be done in post.
(Funny or Die ending jingle)