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Full Credits

Jared: Joshua Sharp
Ivanka: Aaron Jackson
Tiffany: Ryan Haney
Director/ Writer: Langan Kingsley
Editor: Hannah Levy
Executive Producer: Kate Lilly
Producer: Nikil Shyam Sunder
Director of Photography: Michael Rossetti
1st AC/ Swing: Benjamin Rutkowski
Gaffer/ Key Grip: Matt Krueger
Production Designer: Lauren Ivy
HMU: Brenna Haukedahl
Stylist: Alyx cohen
Stylist: Natalie Berwanger
Sound/ Boom Op: Chris Bennett
Truck/Set PA: Drew Taylor
Locations: Robin Edelman


->It's crazy that all of this is fake.My dear, I hope you're decent.Oh my god.Yes, just a little something for my favorite advocateWoah.Or maybe I'll ...Uh-oh.Maybe I should come in from top.That's not working.Oh, that would be great.Ooh, God.Oh, well, we'll go left to right.I understand,Oh, well, I'm sorry that you were up so early.Jared, I've never woken up screaming.Oh, I'm the one who wakes up screaming.Yeah, well I wouldn't know.And it's really been an every night thing lately,Jared?I'm so sorry.Okay, so I understand thatMe, eat the carbs now?No, tomorrow, Jared.Well, let me see.Jared?
->I have a couple of meetings.Get on your fucking kneesOkay, on my knees.Okay.Here we go.
->There we go.Mm, it's really good.Big boy bite.
->Okay.Yeah, and then ...Keep it?Keep it ...
->I see.In your throat.It's really good.I don't think we're done at all.I'm good.I think we're gonna get the whole thing in there.Okay.The whole thing.Is it all in?Not all in yet.'Cause it feels like we're full.We got a few more inches.I think we're at capacity.Be my bread boy.Be my bread boy.What's it like to be full?It's hard to describe.Oh my God, I'd cry if I could.Okay.Why do I still have the tray on my lap?!MarkOkay, I understand that human beings have these customsSo good.Satisfied.Chinatown?Satisfied.Satisfied, oh.