When was the last time you saw your dad jump? What in the heck would it even look... more »

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Starring Allan McLeod, Gary Richardson, Catherine Cohen, Morgan Grace Jarrett, Michael Lisk, Carmine Garritano, Brett Eidman & Richard C. Mays

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June 17, 2016


When was the last time
I saw my dad jump?
I have never even
considered it.
♪ [Music] ♪
It's been too long.
I've seen him get up off the
couch before. I mean, maybe
it looks like some
version of that.
He used to jump
on holidays.
Oh, at, um...
Um, um, um...
How would I feel if
I saw my dad jump?
It would freaking rock.
I'd be excited to see my dad
get up off his ass and do anything.
He has glaucoma. So I
don't think that he should.
Yeah right.
Is that why you
brought me here?
(Gasps) Oh, is that why
you brought me here?
♪ [Music] ♪
- Hi, I'm Steve senior. I'm 60 years old
- Oh, that's my dad.
My doctor told me
I shouldn't jump.
That was about
10 years ago.
Male Interviewer: How high do
you think you can jump?
Oh, not high.
Male Interviewer: So, how
high can you jump?
Dad: How high, do you
think I can jump?
He's got this attitude.
How high.
Sorry he gave you
that attitude.
Male Interviewer: When was the
last time you jumped?
I have no clue.
Oh, he can't remember.
I'm a little worried the
glaucoma is getting to his brain.
Dad: Okay, here we go.
Oh, he doing it
just in there, okay.
Okay, he's okay.
No, he's not okay.
[Cracks Up]
(Weeps) Oh my God.
You didn't tell me he was
popping up like that.
Oh, that's gotta be CGI.
No way that's real.
Ah! And he keeps going.
Unlimited energy.
I mean, he's still doing it.
Stop it dad. You can't do
that. You can't jump.
You can't jump!
That's gettin' there.
That's gettin' there, daddy.
If he can do this,
that means anything is possible.
Dad: I can't be doing that
all the time you know.
Yes you can. Do it again.
Dad: Alright, that's it.
I had enough.
Oh God, okay. Was he okay?
He said he had enough.
A doctor straight up looked
my dad in the eye,
he said, "You cannot jump ever again,"
and what did we just see?
Okay, that's not my dad. No.
That's just a guy who
looks like my dad.
That's not my dad.
I can't believe this. I can't
believe you made him do this.
Can I get a copy of this?
I'm just...
My dad wouldn't do that.
I know my fuckin' dad.