Climate Change Denial Disorder may be effecting your parents, grandparents, or congressperson.

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Ed Begley Jr.
Susan Yeagley
Timothy Brennan
Director- Carly Usdin
Writer- Nicol Paone
Producer- Brianne Trosie
Editor- Marty Cramer
Director of Photography- Yuki Noguchi
1st AC- Paulina Bryant
Gaffer- Ben Salvetti
Key Grip- Dan Chapman
Swing- Ben Goldberg
Production Design- Tricia Robertson
Art Director- Rick Mader
Sound- Mike Robertson
Wardrobe- Derya Derman
Hair & Makeup- Jessica Leigh Schwartz
PA- David Ferrier


(Female Narrator): Does your parent, grandparent, or political representative
suffer from climate change denial disorder?
CCDD is a rapidly spreading disease that world health officials say if left untreated
could destroy the entire planet.
Ed Begley Jr.: Ah, there's nothing more relaxing than being out here on the water.
(Female Driver): Hey, get out of the way!
(Female Narrator): Climate Change Denial Disorder is a rapidly spreading disease
that attacks the neurons making it impossible to comprehend basic
words like world, melting, not, good, science, and factual.
Timothy Brennan: They say that temperatures are higher than normal these days.
I think that's a bunch of new age, hooey garbage.
It's snowing right now. Who cares if I'm in Southern California.
Susan Yeagley: I don't believe the ice caps are melting.
I believe the polar bears are just getting fatter, and weighing them down.
Everything is that hippies!

> I'm going to wait until more horrible shit happens to our planet.
And I'm a senator, so fortunately I get to make those decisions for all of us.
You're welcome.

> I'm not a scientist. Who listens to those nerds anyway?

> Droughts, we're fine.
(Female Narrator): 56% of Republicans in Congress have been severely infected with
CCDD, and need your help immediately. They include Jim Inhofe, Lisa Murkowski,
Steve Daines, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Joni Ernst, Rodney Davis, Mike Pompeo,
Mitch McConnel, Rand Paul, Andy Harris, Ann Wagner, Jeff Sessions, Scott Garrett,
Virginia Foxx, John Boehner, Bill Shuster, Paul Ryan, and many, many more.
Doctors say the only known cure for CCDD is a q-tip. So you or your Republican
representative can clean the shit out of your ears so you'll be able to listen
to scientists who know more about science than you do. Results may vary.