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Full Credits

Written by Matt Klinman
Directed by Matt Mayer
Starring: Matt Klinman, Lily Du, Zack Poitras, Ryan Haney and Matt Mayer
Voiceover: Langan Kingsley
Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller
Editor: Carina Jollie
Production Designer: Simone Duff
Camera: Yousuke Kiname
Gaffer: Julian Wellbery
Production Assistant: Rachel Sather

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June 26, 2016


Matt Klinman: Every month I see my
friends getting Loot Crates,
Matt Klinman: and BarkBoxes,
and Dollar Shave Club boxes,
Matt Klinman: and I'm not a geek, or a dog owner,
or a razor blade freak.
Matt Klinman: Where is my box of
worthless shit that I can let
Matt Klinman: pile up, and then chuck
into the dumpster?
Langan Kingsley: [Female #1]: Introducing Garbage Box.
Langan Kingsley: Every month Garbage Box
sends you box chock-full of
Langan Kingsley: awesome garbage you won't
be able to wait to get your hands on,
Langan Kingsley: and then later, throw away.
Lily Du: Sick. Soiled cups.
Matt Klinman: [chuckles] Wet matches.
Langan Kingsley: [Female #1]: Garbage Box has struck
deals with tons of today's hottest brands.
Langan Kingsley: So every month you'll get
exclusive looks at some of the
Langan Kingsley: coolest garbage in America.
Lily Du: Torn up visitor's badge from Oculus.
Matt Klinman: These are misprinted napkins from
Matt Klinman: Apple's headquarters in Cupertino.
Lily Du: It's like I'm a journalist
from Wired leaving the building.
Langan Kingsley: [Female #1]: Garbage Box's
trained garbage curators take into account
Langan Kingsley: your personal garbage style,
and hand pick a slew
Langan Kingsley: of trash just for you.
Langan Kingsley: Want more of a certain kind
of garbage and less of another?
Langan Kingsley: No problem.
Langan Kingsley: Just use the Garbage Box
app to select the garbage you prefer.
Langan Kingsley: Upgrade to premium to
receive hazardous waste.
[multiple voices]:
From Kaiser Permanente?
Lily Du: There's a whole world
of garbage out there that
Lily Du: I didn't even realized existed.
Matt Klinman: Check it out.
A script from a Funny or Die video.
Lily Du: [Female #2]: Messy garbage. Sticky garbage
Matt Klinman: This is garbage that
normally a criminal gets,
Matt Klinman: a parking ticket.
Lily Du: Liquid garbage.
Matt Klinman: Bubbles. I hate bubbles,
but I love throwing them away.
-[inhales, coughs]
-[Female #1]: Sometimes we'll even
send you Garbage Boxes
Langan Kingsley: filled with garbage from
other monthly boxes.
Ryan Haney: Oh, no way.
Ryan Haney: There's a Birchbox
in my Garbage Box.
♪ ♪
Matt Klinman: [Male #1]: And it fits my lifestyle.
Matt Klinman: You know if I'm busy,
I specify for my Garbage Box
Matt Klinman: to be delivered directly
into my trash. It's perfect.
Langan Kingsley: [Female #1]: Plus if you ever
get any garbage you don't
Langan Kingsley: want to keep to throw away later,
just keep it in the box
Langan Kingsley: and ship it back to us to
give to someone else to throw away.
Matt Klinman: [Male #1]: Gloves stuck to tape?
Fuck yes.
Langan Kingsley: [Female #1]: Garbage Box.
Subscribe today.
Langan Kingsley: You can cancel anytime,
as long as you figure out how.
Langan Kingsley: There's no place
on the website to do it,
Langan Kingsley: and Garbage Box will
never have a phone number.