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Billy Eichner: Hey guys it's Billy Eichner
from Billy on the street.
Billy Eichner: I'm out here with the new host of E's
Fashion Police David Letterman.
Billy Eichner: We all know The Late Show
has been a big breakout role for Dave.
Billy Eichner: So we're about to hit the streets,
and ask New Yorkers what
Billy Eichner: Dave's next move should be.
Billy Eichner: You ready Dave?
David Letterman: I am.
Billy Eichner: Let's go.
Miss, for a dollar,
Billy Eichner: Do you have any thoughts on what David
Letterman's next move should be?
Lady: Retire and lots of happiness.
- David: Oh, God bless you.
- Billy: Oh, that's very nice.
David Letterman: That's very sweet.
Billy Eichner: Do you realize that every step you walk
you walk in David Letterman's shadow?
Billy Eichner: Sir, for a dollar, should
David Letterman do a podcast now?
Man: Sure.
Billy Eichner: What should it be about?
Man: Whatever he wants, New York City.
Billy Eichner: New York City. Would you do a podcast Dave?
David Letterman: Yeah, I'd do a podcast about guys
wearing shorts when it's too cold.
Man: It's a nice day out.
Billy Eichner: Yeah well, okay.
Good bye sir.
David Letterman: Good night thank you.
Billy Eichner: Sir, what's Paul Shaffer going to do now?
Man: I don't know what you're talking about.
Billy Eichner: Paul Shaffer?
David Letterman: Yeah, well good luck opening his mail.
Billy Eichner: Yeah exactly.
Billy Eichner: But really, what's Paul going to do? I mean the rock and roll hall of fame
Billy Eichner: isn't a year around job.
David Letterman: He has connections in Canada.
Billy Eichner: Miss, for a dollar what should
David Letterman do next?
Lady: Everything.
Billy Eichner: What about a podcast or something like that?
Lady: Hey, you could definitely do that, probably with you right?
Billy Eichner: I would love to do that. That would be an honor.
Lady: I love you by the way.
Billy Eichner: Well thank you very much. This is about David
Letterman too. It's not about me.
Lady: I love you too,
you're both amazing.
David Letterman: Oh, t-that's nice
of you to say.
Billy Eichner: Two comedy legends
coming through.
Billy Eichner: For a dollar what's the name of the theater
David Letterman films his TV show in?
Lady: The Tonight Show.
- Billy: No, no!
- David: No!
- David: That never happens.
- Billy: No!
Billy Eichner: Miss, David Letterman...David Letterman.
Billy Eichner: The man has been entertaining you for
years, what have you ever done?
Lady: What am I supposed to do?
Billy Eichner: W-well, it's David Letterman.
- Lady: Hi, lovely to meet you.
- David: Lovely to meet you.
Billy Eichner: You know he's leaving...
- Lady: Absolutely.
- Billy: Yes, he's an icon.
- Lady: I'm sorry to see you go.
- David: Thank you very much.
- David: Where are you from ma'am?
- Billy: Where are you from?
- Lady: Pakistan.
- Billy: Oh wow.
David Letterman: Pakistan, good to see you.
Billy Eichner: Do they get The Late Show in Pakistan?
Lady: Yes.
Billy Eichner: That's wonderful. Remember when Drew
Barrymore showed her breasts?
Billy Eichner: Sir, where am I going to get
my Amy Sedaris fix?
Billy Eichner: Oh look at you with your hair.
Billy Eichner: Sir, this man invented top 10 lists. David Letterman.
David Letterman: How about that?
Billy Eichner: Oh boy, he's thrilled.
Billy Eichner: Miss, what's David Letterman going to do now?
Billy Eichner: That's Letterman.
Billy Eichner: What's Letterman going to do now?
Man: I have no idea.
Billy Eichner: Maybe he'll play shuffleboard with Dan Rather.
David Letterman: (laughs) There are worse things.
Billy Eichner: Miss, what's Biff going to do?
- Lady: What?
- Billy: Biff! What's Biff going to do?
Billy Eichner: Sir, get off your phone, he invented the top ten list.
- Billy: Get off the phone!
- David: Get off the phone.
Billy Eichner: No, get off the phone!
Billy Eichner: He invented the top ten list!
Billy Eichner: Miss it's David Letterman.
Lady: Hey, what's up?
Billy Eichner: Let me ask you something...
calm down, calm down!
Billy Eichner: Everyone calm down!
Billy Eichner: Should he do a podcast?
Lady: Yes, he should do a podcast.
Billy Eichner: What's Biff going to do next?
Lady: W-what?
Billy Eichner: Get out of here! I'm talking about Biff!