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October 01, 2015


Narrator: People have been asking
What is it?
What's Pope-Meet?
We all want to know.
Narrator: Well, it's a new app
which sets users up
for a one on one meeting with
Pope Francis for
friendship advice and more.
Wow. Where do I sign up?
Narrator: Not so fast.
Pope-Meet evaluates your
compatibility with the Pope
based on your interests.
Okay well, I love helping the poor.
Narrator: You might match.
I'm an educator who
volunteers in prisons.
Narrator: Maybe a match.
I've dedicated my life
to the Catholic Church.
Narrator: Maybe not.
I like blocking gays from
getting married. Lesbians
and gays come into my office,
and I break the law by
refusing to wed them. I went
to jail for my treatment
of gays.
Narrator: Congratulations!
You get to meet the Pope!
That sounds about right.
Wait, Kim Davis gets to meet him?
I'm beginning to think this
service is only for Kim Davis.
Narrator: As a matter of fact, has connected
dozens of users with the Pope in
highly publicized meetings
during his recent visits to America.
Well, I guess that's something.
Narrator: But the only Clandestine,
secret meeting has arranged
was indeed with this woman.
I wake up around 8 AM, and
I pound my fist on my mattress,
because I'm so angry about
the married gays.
Then I'll drink a 2 liter, because
soda calms me down
when I get the gay rage.
Then if I'm not pinned,
I like to pop in Brokeback Mountain,
and scream at the TV set.
So join today,
for a once in a life opportunity
to meet the Pope.
I don't have a chance do I?
Narrator: No, only Kim Davis does.
I ain't even Catholic.
I'm a Pentecostal Christian.
Pope is just some guy in
a goofy hat to me, but
I still got to meet him just
by defying the federal law,
and refusing to do my job.
It worked for Kim Davis.