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Staff Pick: Adam McKay
This is an essential skill for any American in 2017. Like having a driver's license or knowing how to brush your teeth. I hope some day this video is shown at all international airport terminals.


Illma Gore: Hi, I'm Illma Gore.
Illma Gore: I received multiple death
threats after my drawing of
Illma Gore: Trump With A Tiny Penis went viral.
Illma Gore: Recently I was attacked by
a Trump supporter near my home.
Illma Gore: This type of violence
is unacceptable.
Illma Gore: Better to express your
emotions through art.
Illma Gore: So today, I'm going to teach
you how to draw it too.
Illma Gore: It's not worth killing a tree for this.
Better to use a piece of scrap paper.
Illma Gore: I like to draw on this copy of
the First Amendment I had lying around.
Illma Gore: Just in case you have to go
to court, it's nice to have a
Illma Gore: little reminder of what's in the Constitution.
Illma Gore: [giggles] It's not that
Donald actually read it.
Illma Gore: Now, Trump is a dick,
Illma Gore: but today we're learning to
draw a literal penis, not a figurative one.
Illma Gore: So to save you the time and
agony of drawing his face and body,
Illma Gore: I made a template for you.
Illma Gore: Let's go across the border.
Illma Gore: Drawing Trump's penis is simple...
Illma Gore: just follow the dots.
Starting with number 1.
Illma Gore: That's it.
Illma Gore: You're done.
Illma Gore: Huge isn't it?
Illma Gore: If you want to embellish it,
now's your chance to get creative
Illma Gore: with accessories to compensate.
Illma Gore: This shade of hate really
brings out his eyes. Don't you think?
Illma Gore: Mmm, spaghetti. Don't forget the meatball.
Illma Gore: Now that's a happy little ball sack.
Illma Gore: Now it's time to show me yours.
Illma Gore: What does your Trump
penis drawing look like?
Illma Gore: Post it in the comments below,
and download the original poster
Illma Gore: for free on my website, IllmaGore.com.
Illma Gore: Remember, one should not feel
emasculated by their penis size or vagina,
Illma Gore: as it does not define who you are.
Illma Gore: Your genitals do not define your
gender, your power, or your status.
Illma Gore: Share this video to let Trump
know, it's okay to have a tiny penis.
Illma Gore: You can still be a massive
prick despite what's in your pants.