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February 27, 2017


[Officer Williams] Hey.
You see where they offer coffee
and breakfast sandwiches?
- [Officer Williams] Oh yeah, I am starving.
- Yeah.
What about Dr. Strangle?
[ heightened ♪ ]
What's he gonna do,
take the van for a Sunday Drive?
Come on.
[Officer Williams] Wait, how come we
always get the crazy prisoners?
[Officer Sully] Thank you so much!
[ heightened ♪, clock ticking ]
[Officer Williams] No, no, no, no, no!
[Officer Williams] This idea... This is bad.
This is really bad.
- We let Dr. Strangle escape!
- We're going to lose our jobs!
I know.
- How could you eat right now?
- Don't hit me you psycho!
Wait. [breathing heavily]
I got it.
- Go with me on this Ray.
- Alright.
This is Officer Williams!
Officer Sully and I are on Route 4,
- and we need backup!
- [yelling]
Prisoner has broken free
and he's attacking us!
He just hit Officer Williams
in the face with an egg sandwich!
[Officer Sully] He's gotta bag...
He's whipping me with
a giant meat stick!
...Chewy chocolate bar!
Whole chocolate bar!
[Officer Sully] Ugh, the chips!
He beat Officer William's with a beef stick.
And now he's beating me
with two beef sticks!
[ music stops ]
- Sully, what are we doing?
- Huh?
We need to up the ante.
I need you to tase me me.
[ dramatic toned ♪ ]
Do it.
Tase me.

Okay. But you gotta tase me too.
- Sully, I love you.
- I love you too, Williams.
[both are screaming, taser clicking]
[ dance ♪ ]
You guys got snacks?
- Could've saved saved me a trip.
- [taser clicking]
[Dr. Strangle whistling]
[Dr. Strangle]
You guys want some meat stick?