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Director: Matt Wyatt
DP: Clay Larson
Camera Op: Craig Tovey
Camera Op: Alex Merkel
Sound: Mason Hankins
Editor: Adriana Robels


Toni Charlene: Hi everybody,
and welcome to Munchies.
Toni Charlene: I'm Toni Charlene and
today's guest is Jon Gabrus--
---who has confessed he's already high.
Toni Charlene: What would you like
to smoke now? [laughs]
-I brought some joints
we can smoke if you want.
-I'm excited, yeah.
Jon Gabrus: This is tangie a sativa.
Jon Gabrus: I rolled them up into
these cones that I buy.
[indistinct talking]
♪ ♪
Toni Charlene: What is your favorite
munchie to like do or make?
-I'm not a snacker.
Jon Gabrus: I eat meals. Like I used
to make ghetto nachos
Jon Gabrus: which was like Cheez-Its
with slices of Kraft singles on top.
-Oh. Alright.
-I've never had that before.
-It's awful. [laughs]
Jon Gabrus: I literally would melt Kraft
singles on top of Cheez-Its, and
Jon Gabrus: then just put Frank's
RedHot on top, and I was like,
Jon Gabrus: oh, these count as nachos.
Jon Gabrus: On the count of 3,
I'm gonna just say what I want,
Jon Gabrus: you say what you want.
[together]: 1, 2, 3...
-Chicken nuggets.
-Trashy nachos.
Jon Gabrus: [laughing] Trashy nachos
and chicken nuggets.
-So lets do trashy nugget nachos.
♪ ♪
[indistinct talking]
Jon Gabrus: Cheez-Its. Perfect.
Jon Gabrus: Chicken nuggets.
Damn someone's got loot tonight.
Jon Gabrus: Give me that pan dog.
Jon Gabrus: Oh perfect.
Jon Gabrus: Do you have one
that's blacker maybe?
Jon Gabrus: At least the nuggets are
organic that we're putting on a
fucking carcinogen plate.
Jon Gabrus: What can we do next?
Jon Gabrus: I'm now fucking hungry.
-♪ ♪
-[indistinct talking]
Jon Gabrus: Set it and forget it.
-Do you ever layer it?
Toni Charlene: Oh, okay. Okay, so you
have like a pyramid shape.
Jon Gabrus: Yeah-yeah, you're doing great.
-Here we go... a little on top there.
Toni Charlene: So this is a little bit
before the alarm went off.
Jon Gabrus: They're not cold in the middle.
Toni Charlene: They look crispy.
Jon Gabrus: How many do you think
I should put on... [laughing]
Toni Charlene: Yeah, we're
making a pyramid,
Toni Charlene: 'cause then we're
going to cheese that, right?
Jon Gabrus: Yeah, we should add
some chips and cheese.
Be a little careful
while you're placing them.
They're hot little fuckers.
Jon Gabrus: Traditionally, men put them...
Jon Gabrus: Oh my God dude.
Jon Gabrus: Why did I think that your
microwave might not look like
Jon Gabrus: that on the inside
for a split second? Why?
-The microwave is wrong.
-I never use the microwave though.
Jon Gabrus: Well someone did at some point.
Jon Gabrus: Okay, yeah, I don't think
we should cook it anymore.
-Because it's literally...
Jon Gabrus: we just put it in for
another 45 seconds and
nothing changed. [laughs]
Jon Gabrus: So here we go.
Jon Gabrus: And then the
last final ingredient.
Jon Gabrus: I can trust myself here.
-I trust you for sure.
-Do a nice little drizzle.
Oh, that's great.
♪ ♪
Jon Gabrus: Oh God, that's good.
Toni Charlene: It has a great texture to it.
Jon Gabrus: You barely taste the Cheez-Its,
but they give that great crunch.
Jon Gabrus: This was a monster
dish that we did the 1-2-3,
Jon Gabrus: we rochambeau'd
and it came out the same.
Jon Gabrus: And I never had nugs
on my nachos. This works.
Jon Gabrus: Hey, it was nice
meeting you. [laughing]
Toni Charlene: Nice meeting you.
See you later.
Toni Charlene: I left about an hour ago--
-[Jon's coughing]
---And it was great.
-I feel great.
-I feel great too.
Jon Gabrus: Do you want me to do it?
Toni Charlene: I don't remember what
I was supposed to... what it was.
Toni Charlene: Yes, please do it. [giggling]
Jon Gabrus: Thanks for watching Munchies
with Toni Charlene.
Jon Gabrus: I'm her guest Jon Gabrus--
-This is awful.
---signing out.
Toni Charlene: But it was really good,
uh, signing out.