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Hi, I'm Al Franken.
Thanks for taking a break from watching videos
about animals who become unlikely friends.
Let's do a little thought experiment:
Say you go to a doctor
and the doctor says,
"You have got to stop smoking
and go on a diet.
I see here on your chart
that your father died of a
heart attack at age 51.
This is terrible.
You really gotta start exercising."
That sounds bad to you,
so you want a second opinion.
So you go to a second doctor, okay?
And the doctor says,
"Buy a treadmill and just work out,
and for the love of God
stop smoking."
Now that's not what you wanted to hear.
So you go to a third doctor,
and the third doctor says,
"Oh my god
I can't believe you are not dead.
And by the way, put out that cigarette.
You can't smoke here in my office."
You don't like that either.
So you keep making more and more appointments
looking for a doctor who will tell you
what you want to hear,
and after 32 appointments
you're still just not happy.
So by now you're so fat
that you have to ride around
in one of those motorized carts.
But you scoot into the doctor's office
and that 33rd doctor says to you,
"You know what? You're fine.
Just ignore those other doctors.
They're all in the pocket
of Big Fresh Fruits and Vegetables."
Later of course, you learn
that this 33rd doctor is
getting paid by the
Big Potato Chip industry.
Which - don't get me wrong -
potato chips are a delicious snack food
and fine in moderation,
but I'm getting off track.
My point is, 97% of climate scientists
agree climate change is real.
What you and I need to do is prove that
we're organized enough and persistent enough
and passionate enough to force Washington to act.
That's why I've teamed up with the geniuses
behind Years of Living Dangerously
for a series of videos exploring the reality
of climate change and the threat
it poses to our very way of life.
And I want you to help.
So please,
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It's really the Koch brothers.
The Koch brothers.
Tell us, describe for us who they are
and what they represent.
Okay, Siegfried and Roy Koch
are these two brothers...