We track down the coolest dads at the Chicago stop of the Oddball Fest and ask them to share their hard-earned wisdom.

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September 29, 2015


Alright, it's Mike from
Funny or Die News, Oddball Van.
I am here with...
Glen. Now we found that if
there's one demographic
that really loves the Oddball
News Van, it's dads.
Glen, are you a father?
Yes I'm a father.
Are your children here tonight?
No. No, I mean, I'll probably have
fun with out them, you know.
I had fun making them years ago, but...
Here we are.
I have so much to learn from this guy.
What advice do you have
for the kids of today?
Go out, and do what you want to do.
Don't waste your time until
you're my age.
If you want to do something,
just go do it.
If college can wait, let it wait.
It'll come around sometime, but
just go do it man.
Can I ask what you do?
I'm an insurance agent.
Insurance agent. Okay.
( laughs ) Your wife
does not think that's a very cool
job apparently.
We have his wife off camera going...
She's the one you should
be interviewing by the way...
Come on in. Come on in.
What's your name?
That's okay. We're going to make
an exception.
If you had a piece of advice
for my generation, or even younger,
what would it be?
Marry for good sex.
Marry for good sex.
That's great advice.
Is it a little hot in here.
It's getting hot in here.
( inaudible )
I'm going to drink Rocco's beer.
Have you been in a van like
this before?
No I have not.
No, you have not.
Well, not since high school.
Anything dirty ever
go on in one of these?
Uh, not that I can
repeat on camera.
- Did you get to like...
- No, it was more of a
party bus is what we did.
Oh, okay. Okay, so we're going
to say 3rd base?
Uh, yeah probably.
Yeah, we got to
3rd base in this van.
Mike, you're a dad?
How old is your kid?
21, 19, 19, and 15.
Oh, my locker combination.
Do you have any advice for
today's generation?
A lot of stuff you gotta
just suck it up man.
It's going to be like that.
Nothing you can do about it, some things.
So, suck it up.
That's good. I really like that
a lot.
That was good advice.
I should suck it up.
Alright, that's going to do it
for Funny or Die Oddball News.
We learned a lot,
we drank a lot,
and dads are pretty cool.
I'm never going to be one.