Win by nonviolence; love prevails when we set aside our prejudice. Nancy rescued... more »

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Writer/Director: Peter Chen
Actors: Tamara Whatley, Marris Nash, Peter Chen, Tony Mouleart, Shawn Williams

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People in general stereotype and discriminate against each other. It’s about adjusting to being an American. This Film has a funny and smart way of uniquely showing an Asian American befriends with other cultures in America, becoming really good friends, talking about nonviolence, having friendly verbal fights on race, not recognizing that people are unwilling to accept us, as who we are and trying not to discriminate against each other. Viewers can learn from this film to focus on our similarities instead of our differences.

Peter and his two buddies went to play tennis after a major conflict with a discrimination/prejudice group of people. Now they are fighting amongst themself trying to solve their little problem. Then they started to discriminate against each other. But friendship is stronger than a spark of heated emotion, they cool down instantly. Peter convinces his two friends to resolve any conflict with nonviolence. So finally they reluctantly agreed to call the cops for help.

Peter was forced to fight with Nancy’s brother Austin who was only trying to protect his baby sister from mixing up with other cultures. Peter using nonviolence techniques to help instead of hurting. Peter used only Soft Martial Arts like Tai Chi to defend himself, won the fight. After the fight Peter finds himself in Nancy’s care. Nancy who brought Peter back to her room where he was extremely shy & uncomfortable in front of her. When Nancy left the room for some water, Peter's fantasy kicks in, showing his love for Nancy. Nancy comes back with some warm water and Peter starts to worry about his bladder problem. While Nancy was cleaning his sore spots, Peter is not so concerned about the physical pain, because he was more worried about wetting his pants. Hence the comedy ends with him finally dashing out to the bathroom.