Republi-CON is an annual event held in Bird City, KS, honoring the superheroes of... more »

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Writer- Allan McLeod
Editor- Brad Schultz
Producer- Brianne Trosie
Graphics- Shawn James

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Comic-Con rocks
San Diego on July 21st.
And the Republican National
Convention hit Cleveland on July 18th.
But in between,
get ready for Republic-Con 2016
at the Bird City,
Kansas Convention Center.
The GOPs Comic-Con
is back.
Featuring your
favorite Republicans:
Senate Majority Leader
and human Turtle Man,
Mitch McConnell.
Republican Chair Boy
Reince Priebus.
Gym Rat
Paul Ryan.
Teen Tit Film Fan
Ted Cruz.
Yes Man
Mike Pence.
And the big hand man
himself Donald Trump.
Events in Hall R include:
NRA, Immigration,
and Climate Change Denial Cosplay!
A KKK Q and A.
The Anti-Muslim
Poker Championship.
Eric and Donald Trump Jr.'s
special dance for their daddy.
The exclusive trailer premiere of
The Passion of the Christ 2.
A slew of A-list celebrities
signing autographs.
And of course,
the annual Furry orgy.
With music by:
Ted Nugent
and The Bigots.
The 2nd Amend-Mens Choir.
And right-wing metal band,
Your Body, Our Choice.
There'll be thousands
of collector toys.
A stadium full of
gay conversion therapy tents.
And more!
So get your tickets
to Republi-CON!
Open-Carry is allowed for this event,
except for black people and toddlers.
And remember,
All Lives Matter!